All about Broken Flash

Who is Broken Flash?

Broken Flash is a German musician, composer, arranger, music producer, keyboard player and bass player. He makes electronic music with a special melodic touch.

How does he sound?

Spherical , groovy , relaxing , impulsive , dreamy.  Broken Flash’s music has many facets. His sounds and compositions are inspired by artists like Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk and Klaus Schulze. Although it’s not about categories like “New Age”, “Chill”, or “Ambient”. It’s just music, and the listener may decide…

What’s special about Broken Flash?

Broken Flash doesn’t follow modern trends, chart hypes or any “You must sound like this!” or “You must do it like that!”. He makes whatever he feels is right and only follows the current moment.

How does he work?

Old or new, analog or digital, hardware or plugin. It’s all about sound. Mostly he uses the following instruments: Kurzweil K2500, K2661, Oberheim Matrix 6, Doepfer Dark Energy, Akai S1000, Roland TR-8, NI Form, Arturia Analog Lab, Xfer Records Serum, Steinberg PadShop Pro and tons of Samples. All his records are produced in his own record studio in Dortmund.

What did he do till now?

  • Broken Flash was founded in 1997 (at that time named Skylander) in Dortmund.
  • His first record Blue@Red.Sky appeared in 1998 and was distributed as a home-burned CD.
  • In 2004 his Single “Strange Heart” appeared on Spheric Music’s CD “Syntonic Waves Vol. 9”.
  • Between 2005 and 2013 he focused on other band projects (including the Band Wetterpropheten where he played electric bass guitar and produced their CD “So viel Zeit”).
  • 2013 marks the appearance of his EP “Who built this machine?”
  • With the foundation of his own record label “Skylander Music” and the re-naming to “Broken Flash” he re-published most of his tracks (some of them were re-recorded, most of them were re-mastered) in 2017.

What else does he do?

When he’s not making music, Broken Flash enjoys playing chess or football and likes spending time with his family.